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Entree from The Sushi Bar

Served with soup or Salad

J1. Vgetable Sushi
9 Vegetable Sushi
rawJ2. Penang Sushi
2 yellow fish, 2 tuna, 2 salmon sushi and 1 eel roll.
rawJ3. Sushi (For One)
A combination of 9 pcs sushi and 1 tuna roll
rawJ4. Sashimi (For One)
Our chef's special 18 pcs Assortment (No choice)
rawJ5. Sushi & Sashimi
A combination of sushi and sashimi and 1 California roll (No choice)
rawJ6. Maki Combo
A combination of tuna roll, California roll and yellowtail scallion roll.
rawJ7. Spicy Maki Combo
A combination of tuna roll, california roll and spicy salmon.
rawJ8. Chirashi
Assorted sliced raw fish on bed of seasoned rice (No Choice)
rawJ9. Tekka Don
Sliced tuna on a bed of seasoned rice.
rawJ10. Sake Don
Sliced Salmon on a bed of seasoned rice.
J11. Una-Ju
Toasted eel lazed with our special tangy ell sauce over rice.
rawJ12. Tri-Color Sushi
3 tuna, 3 yellowtail and 3 salmon.
rawJ13. Tri-Color Sashimi
5 tuna, 5 yellowtail and 5 salmon.
rawJ14. Love Boat (For Two)
Our chef's special assortment (No choice)
rawJ15. Sushi (For Two)
One of chef's special roll and 18 pcs of sushi (No choice)
rawJ16. Sushi Platter (8 Rolls)
(No Choice)
rawJ17. Sushi Deluxe
17 pcs of sushi and 6 rolls (No Choice)

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